🎉 ANNOUNCEMENT: v1.1.1_DungeonMaze_Android_Prototype-Release is HERE! 🎉 || 082323

Dear Fans of Escaping Alderwood,

We are super excited to release the first prototype for the Escaping Alderwood series on Android – v1.1.1. Before we dive into the specifics, it’s important to note that this version is exclusively available to our game testers. While we’re eager to release it publicly, we’re ensuring a smooth gameplay experience by gathering essential feedback. The good news is, anyone and everyone can apply as a Game Tester!

Release Notes for v1.1.1:

  • Thomas’s indicator undergoes a transformation from normal to a dynamic blue-hot with float adjustments.
  • Resolved the glitch where a Guard could detect and apprehend Mabel through walls.
  • After 3 retry attempts, a new restart UI comes into play.
  • Daggers are now empowered to deactivate guards.
  • Enhanced the dagger’s visibility by increasing its size in scenes.
  • Mabel’s aging UI process has been streamlined for a better gameplay flow.
  • Addressed and fixed a bug where the Guard could navigate through walls.

On the narrative side, we’re excited to mention the draft completion of “Mabel’s Nightmare”, marking the beginning of our first book in our ALDERWOOD series, “Chapter One: The Cry Heard Around Alderwood”.

We’re in the early stages of Escaping Alderwood’s development, and your feedback is invaluable. As we pave the way towards v1.2.0, we’re keen to collaborate with more game testers. If you wish to be part of this exciting phase and access v1.1.1, consider joining us as a game tester. The application link awaits: Escaping Alderwood Game Tester Application. I will personally send you the APK file and the Feedback link for testing purposes!

Thank you for your continued support. The Alderwood journey is as much yours as it is ours.

Warm regards,

Devon Carey

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