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2.3-DevLog || EA_Chp1_Website_LevelDescriptions_Village3-Forest4_Update || 080823

Another DevLog Today: {Click Here For DevLog 2.3}

I had to do some revisions on the storyline which needed to change a few parts of Level 3 and Level 4. See changes HERE midway down page.

I am hoping to finalize the website today. It is still not done because I am a perfectionist, but there have been a lot of new ideas I am piecing together right now to better the storyline and advance the plot in the most intense, captivating and stakes are getting higher with the addition of the Chests, two types, both identical, Care Package Chests and Curse Package Chests. These will be great additions to the game.

Fixed the Level Writing. Understand, I do not use JUST AI. I will build out a good rough draft or template using AI, and then begin from there. It is much easier to write from a template than from scratch, I promise you: Finally, 100% Complete With The Home Page. I gotta refine the Storyline Now. If you are wondering exactly what I am doing is create an unshakable brand for Escaping Alderwood which sounds surprisingly like Hollywood, but I digress…


The Dungeon

Are you ready to dive into the sinister depths of the Alderwood Jail? Assume the role of Mabel on a terrifying mission, armed with nothing but a bloody dagger found at her cell’s open threshold. Outsmart the ever-moving guards who consistently relocate her son, Thomas, within the many dungeon cells. Use the cries of Thomas to uncover his whereabouts inside the Alderwood Jail.
Brace yourself for intensified combat as defeated foes resurrect as the Accursed.
Rescue Thomas, then navigate your daring escape to the courtyard, marking the next stage of this intense journey. Your immediate test? Rescue your baby somewhere in the dungeon, and use his cries as a navigation system to find him. May the odds be in your favor.


The Courtyard

As Mabel and Thomas flee the dungeon, their hope turns to despair upon entering the condemned courtyard of the Alderwood Jail. Constable Harrow snatches Thomas, locking him in the same cage from before and suspending him high above ground before commanding his guards to “throw the witch back in the dungeon… dead or alive.” Equipped with the Warden’s Bow that a mysterious Raven dropped for Mabel, she must fight her way through the courtyard, outsmarting guards, fierce beasts and the Accursed. Within a storm of chaos, the objectives for escape rests within the discovery of two keys somewhere in the courtyard: one unlocks Thomas’ cage, the second unlocks the only exit, an iron gate that opens to the Alderwood Village where an even greater challenge awaits Mabel’s wake.


The Village

After leaving the Courtyard behind, Mabel finds herself in the Alderwood Village, an eerily calm place on the surface but infested with hidden perils, trials and tribulations. Here’s the challenge: she must move through the winding, deceptive streets of the village without being seen. The villagers, though seemingly ordinary, are driven by an unshakable greedy determination to take Thomas from her and return him to Constable Harrow. If anyone spots her, panic and desperation will grip the streets as Mabel fights to protect Thomas. While the villagers won’t hurt the child, they’ll snatch him away. With Thomas by her side, Mabel’s shielded from direct harm, but the stakes have never been higher. Help her navigate this nightmarish maze, using every ounce of stealth, cunning and bravery–as powerful as a mother’s love for her son–to save him.

Beyond the village, the Alderwood Forest waits for her, shadowy and unknown. In those depths, Constable Harrow lurks, plotting and waiting for the final battle. The clock is ticking, and the path ahead is crawling with danger and uncertainty.


The Forest

Sprinting into the Alderwood Forest, Mabel is ambushed by Nightcrows, Constable Harrow and the Accursed lurking in the shadows. A crucial choice awaits: two identical chests, one to protect Thomas, the other a curse. Choose wrong and you lose the battle before it even begins as Thomas will not be in the chest when you return from the Harrow fight. After a battle with the Nightcrows, the Accursed and Constable Harrow, joined by a Raven, she retrieves Thomas from the chosen chest, provided she previously picked wisely. Mabel follows the Raven into the forest and they discover the Warden’s Cottage. Inside lies her mother, still alive but weak, and the dead Warden backed against the tattered wall with a dagger-wound. A silent revelation unveils that the guiding Raven had been her mother this whole time. Led to the forest’s edge at dawn, a distant castle beckons, and a blinking sun from beyond signifies the morning ahead. The next chapter in Mabel’s quest: find out who did this and reverse Mother Raven’s spell before she is trapped in her animal form permanently. Stay Subscribed for Chapter 2 for more!
What horrors wait for Mabel next? The Castle of Alderwood…

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