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4.0-DevLog || EA_Chp1_Lvl1_Publish_DungeonMaze_Prototype_GooglePlaystore || 081123

The Prototype is undergoing the review process! So we should see the dungeon maze level 1 v1.0.0 in the testing phase soon under “Internal Testing Track” soon. Only Game Testers who sign up through the Game Tester Application will be have access to the first level of the game to test out the mechanics. An update on the PC Version, as we are in the beginning stages, understand that this is going to take a long time to develop, and I am taking everyone on for the journey to keep my accountable and help me and my company, Meta Know Labs, delivers an AWESOME game!

Anyway, here’s my newest devlog. It isn’t much. It is more about going through the steps in publishing the level prototype to the playstore, but it looks like I am going to use the Internal Testing Track for the prototyping… I would like for the mobile versions to resemble adventure open world pixelated games, old school zelda, old school mario, and with the built in storyline, while the Unreal Engine versions will resemble that of modern day Resident Evil on systems like the PS5 or Elden Ring style open world.

We should have an indiegogo campaign running soon and you’ll have all sorts of fun goodies and treats!

Today’s DevLog: https://chat.openai.com/share/b71386ce-e191-46e8-81d3-a590d364d966
I would have had more but worked all day at my other job. A lot more coming this week, just need to get the prototype in the hands of our Game Testers!

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