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5.0-DevLog || EA_Chp1_COMPLETE_Storyline || 081323

It has been an exhausting journey trying to get this storyline right. Do not think that I am just throwing things into AI and expecting great results. Generating storylines are so great for ideas and figuring out where you want to take the story. Sometimes I won’t really know so I just feed the AI many ideas and combine them all every which way until I find connections. Anyway, this DevLog won’t be super long. It is quite late, almost 3:00 AM and have to get some shut eye for the night. Work tomorrow, but I would like to be refreshed enough to work on perfecting more of the escaping alderwood website. The reason I am focused so much on making sure the website is perfect and all of its content is because there is about to be a LOT of traffic coming through for escapingalderwood.com, and it is important that visitors are happy and satisfied instantly with what they see. I have changed my previous plan slightly. I might wait to work on the PC version until I have enough data with the Android version. The Android version will be developed in Unity, using old school retro adventure games like old school Pokemon. I will show some visual examples of what I am talking about later. I do have some basic structure so far that people can play, via the dungeon maze level, but it is not much yet, at all, and there may be quite a waiting period before I can have a really fun functional game as it requires more than just me to develop it, even with AI, it is still hard as hell.

Anyway, here’s the remaining discussions I had with GPT4 about finishing up my Storyline. I would like to say, one of my only complaints is the AIs ability to write fiction. It’s still not very good, so I have to do a lot of my own intervention. I use GPT4 to create rough drafts more often, but usually it gets better and better the more you interact with it about your ideas.

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