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6.0-DevLog || EA_Chp1_DungeonFloorCreation_Guide_UnrealEngine || 081523

I had the weekend to think things over… I realized that I would rather develop escaping alderwood myself inside of Unreal Engine. I was going to pay someone to do it, and they were perfectly okay with a weekly check rather than a lump sum, but upon further consideration, at least for now, I will be using GPT4 (GPT5 when it comes out) to develop certain aspects of these levels that I can easily create through information retrieval through GPT4, which is how I am able to work so quickly. Here is a basic template on how to begin creating the first level, but I am starting out with the layout of the dungeon maze first, and I broke that down… the first asset I need to create is the entire dungeon floor…. then I will start to build the walls… then I will apply meshes and other unique layers that will inevitably make up the dungeon maze in escaping alderwood. Dungeon Floor Set up in Unreal Engine.

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