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6.1-DevLog || EA_Chp1_SocialMedia_Strategies || 081523

I was also working on the social media strategy for Escaping Alderwood’s experience as well.. a few days ago, I set out to try and understand how each platform works in terms of social media growth and actions. Like, what am I trying to accomplish here? Escaping Alderwood isn’t necessarily a game; it’s an Experience. It is an ongoing project with no definitive date of completion… there is no end date. The journey is the part I want people to understand – this is better. We are so conditioned to want to reach the end of our goals that we miss the entire journey along the way, so I have decided that escaping alderwood is an experience I plan on growing around the interwebs of social media and the gaming community. I see in the numbers, with minimal marketing and advertising, that this idea has viral appeal, and I would like to bring people along with me, this journey… and earn a living in the process so I can give the people what they want, and that is better experiences. Here is a sneak peak into what I was looking into in regards to social media plans and strategies for growing this horror experience: Social Media Strategies For Horror Brand.

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